Alternating relay AVR 300 and AVR 400

July 2011

for 3 or 4 pumps or compressors with fault response


The alternating relays AVR300 and AVR400 alternate the inputs 3 (4) to the outputs 3 (4).
It is possible to select the required alternating mode according to the following:

- Alternate following each operating cycle
- Following a given number of operating hours
- Fixed alternation after 12 hours

If voltage is applied to one of the fault inputs 3 (4), operations are switched to a fault-free output.
If 1 and 2 have been selected, switchover is initiated after all the inputs are again voltage free.
The control state of the relay and the input with a fault are indicated by means of LEDs.


    The alternating relays AVR300 and AVR400 are required to alternate the load between pumps and compressors, including in response to a fault.
    The goal is to balance the load placed on the machines and even out machine wear.