Flow Rate Evaluation Meter DMZ 200

July 2011

for evaluation of 2 water meters or 1 combination water meter with data logger option


The Flow Rate Evaluation Meter DMZ 200 assigns the frequency signal supplied by a pulse generator to a corresponding flow rate unit and direction of flow.

It is optionally possible to connect one or two water meters or a combination water meter. When using optical sensors it is also possible to determine the direction of flow of the water.

The displayed value is calculated according to the input frequency. In addition, it is possible to scale a percentage display for each meter input according to requirements. The value at the analogue outputs changes in line with this scaling, with 100% corresponding to 20 mA at the output.

It is possible to define limit values that trigger the alarm relay, for example, to detect pipe fractures.

Uninterrupted monitoring of the measurement system facilitates a high level of operational reliability. When utilizing optical sensors, fault states – wire breaks or short-circuits in the measurement lines – are displayed in clear text as well as indicated as a potential-free fault signal.

For user convenience it is possible to configure all functions in a menu-assisted environment using just three buttons – eliminating the need for an additional programming device. An integrated DC voltage source supplies the requisite auxiliary power supply to the pulse generators.


    The Flow Rate Evaluation Meter DMZ 200 is deployed together with reed or optical pulse generators incorporated in, for example, water meters as a versatile, intelligent flow rate meter in all areas of water technology – in applications that require flow rates to be determined and recorded with precision as well as simplicity of use and high levels of operational reliability.