Programmable pump control PGS-P

July 2011

With integrated pressure sensor, fault response and trend recognition


The programmable pump control PGS-P assigns from the pneumatic pressure sensor PNA and bubble tube supplied pressure to a level with the unit m.

The zero point (0.00 m water column) can be programmed in accordance with submerged sensor.

Scaling for the level, is either via the maximum value from the transducer (2.50, 5.00 or 9.99 m) or via the actual value (momentary value). The scaling is defined in steps of tenths or hundredths. The indicator value is calculated according to the input power and the scaling that is set. It is also possible to provide a scaled percentage indicator. The value of the analogue output changes in accordance with this scaling whereby 100% corresponds to 20 mA or 5/10 V at the output.

All the limited values can be determined with the measuring range. For all three limited value pairs the turn-on value can be above or below the turn-off value (fill or empty tanks). A cyclic variation, whereby two or three limited value contacts are changed, ensures balanced wear and tear of the connected pumps. If voltage is applied to one of the fault inputs 16, 17 or 18, operations are switched to a fault-free output.

A high degree of operational safety is ensured by the measuring system being continuously supervised. Errors, corresponding to the lower deviation from the programmed zero point or the permissible input power being exceeded, are indicated in clear text and also as a potential-free fault. The parameter setting for all functions does not require additional programming equipment and is carried out with 3 keys. For the sake of easy operation it is fully menu guided.


    When the level must be determined exactly, the limit values set precisely, when simple operation and high-levels of operating reliability are a must then the programmable pump control PGS - P featuring an integrated pressure sensor is utilised as a simple, intelligent and decentralised method of control in all fields of drinking water and waste water technology.