Alarm relay SMR 100

July 2011

with acknowledge and flash functions


The input of the alarm relay SMR 100 is formed by a logic OR operation of six voltage inputs. Both relays pick-up as soon as voltage is applied to the inputs Fault 1 to Fault 4. The Fault inputs 5 and 6 operate with a delayed pick-up of approx. 30 s before enabling the relays.

Relay 1 remains activated for as long as one of the fault alarm signals is applied.

A flash function with a flash rate of 0.5 Hz can be selected for relay 2.
Pending as well as new fault alarm signals can be acknowledged by pressing a button on the outside of the module.
LEDs indicate the control state of the relays.


    The alarm relay SMR 100 is utilised for central acquisition of individual signals within wired control systems.