Pfeiffer Electronic is committed to highest level of service and ensuring your technical drinking water and waste water systems operate seamlessly.

In addition to ensuring your operations function flawlessly, we make use of a tremendous depth of technical knowledge, creative ideas and pragmatism to offer you the most economical solution for your respective requirements. We are your partner when it comes to the latest technological ideas and innovations. As a consequence, we create an important aspect for future-proof solutions. Respectful cooperation and mutual esteem are the most important foundations of our business.

Tradition, experience and a passion for what we do motivate us every day of our lives.

  • Past and present

    Quite naturally, our work - past and present - focuses on our ability to offer tailor-made solutions and services with our team.
  • 2006 - 2017

    Continuous further development of our products as well as consistently increasing turnover figures.
  • 2005 onwards

    Large projects are realized as our company continues to develop successfully.
  • 2003

    Company building extended.
  • 1998 onwards

    Not only does the manufacture of controllers and instruments continue to grow, but also the services division as well as the monitoring of technical water management systems including data acquisition.
  • 1996

    Development and manufacture of a user-friendly controller for water management control tasks: production of PGS device series begins.
  • 1992

    The company moves to a new building.
  • 1990

    Helmut Pfeiffer passes control of the company to his engineer son Thomas Pfeiffer.
  • 1984 onwards

    Regular appearances at trade fairs with our own booth at the IFAT in Munich.
  • 1980 onwards

    A new business division is added to manufacture and market process measurement and control technology for the water management industry. The first hydrostatic level probes of the series ETG are developed and enter production.
  • 1979

    Company renamed Pfeiffer Electronic GmbH
  • 1970 and onwards

    Manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment designed to control pumps.
  • Through the 1970s

    Manufacture and marketing of electronic equipment including, for example, for local communities.
  • 1963 onwards

    Production of controllers for the water management industry
  • 1963

    electromatic founded by Helmut Pfeiffer in Greifenstein