Bubbling system EPS-NE

This module is utilised when extreme reliability is demanded; the EPS-NE bubbling system injects air bubbles into the medium it senses simultaneously and continuously the level of extremely dirty or chemically aggressive water and waste water.

The pneumatic level sensor EPS converts air pressure generated by the hydrostatic backpressure of the water level into a proportional, standard electrical signal.

It is possible to correct the zero point and scaling using a single button. False settings and system errors are indicated via LEDs.
The compressor is operated alternately in a duty cycle of approx. 20 %.
The bubble tube can be utilised in potentially explosive atmospheres.
A separate bubble tube and measurement lead arrangement is used to prevent condensation forming.

EPS-NE-S: a test program automatically tests the performance of the compressor daily.
A fault alarm is issued if performance characteristics deviate.

Principal functions:

  • Robust and reliable
  • Integrated system monitoring (optional)
  • Straightforward diagnostic functions facilitate calibration without additional measuring instruments
  • Advanced diagnostic functions (eg fault memory) over terminal software
  • Output signal 0/4... 20 mA, 0/2... 10 V
  • One-button operation for scaling and zero point
  • Quiet running compressor
  • Compact design

Technical data

Measuring range 0...2,5/4,0 mWS/10,0 mWS
Analogue output:

0 / 4... 20mA or 0/2... 10V
(burden max. 400Ω / min. 10k )

Operation voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Power consumption approx. 7
Overload up to 2 x measuring range
Compressor Polycarbonat
Hose connection Connector for pneumatic hose outside diameter 8mm
Housing Steel galvanized / powder-coated
Diagnostic interface RS 232
Degree of protection IP 00
EMCEmission/EMCImmunity EN 50 081-2, EN 50 082-2

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