Submersible transmitter ETG 30 (Standard)

The submersible transmitter is utilised to provide continuous level measurements in drinking and industrial water plant.

A ceramic pressure sensor and the electronics convert the hydrostatic pressure into a proportional electrical signal.
The bearer cable contains a pressure compensation tube to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations. The submersible transmitter is supplied as 2- wire version providing output signal 4- 20 mA as well as with measurement ranges up to 100.00 mWS.

  • Robust and reliable
  • Housing and measuring cell made of stainless steel
  • Ex approval zone 1 (option)
  • Compact diameter
  • Full scale adjustment of measurement range up to 100.00 mWS
  • Standard versions on stock

Technical data

Measuring range

Operation voltage 11,5...30
min. 1
max. 0... 100.0 mWS and all intermediate values
Overload 3 x measuring range Operating temperature -10... +40° Connecting cable 2 wired with compensation line, Cabel jacket is made of PU Housing Stainless steel 1.4305 Ex approval


2-wire-execution 4... 20
Max. load (Ub [V] - 10,5 V)/20mA

Measurement error

Linearity < 0.5
Temperature drift < 0.01


Degree of protection IP 68

Handling is very simple and reliable.

Carsten Kühn - city Solms