Pneumatic level sensing PNE

The pneumatic level sensor PNE is required in conjunction with an air bubbling system (open system) or in conjunction with the pneumatic pressure sensor PNA (closed system) to provide continuous pneumatic level measurements in drinking water and waste water plant.

The pneumatic level sensor PNE converts air pressure generated by the hydrostatic backpressure of the water level into a proportional, standard electrical signal.
It is possible to correct the zero point and scaling using a single button. False settings and system errors are indicated via LEDs.
The air dome or the bubble tube can be utilised in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Principal functions:

  • Suitable for air bubbling (open) or closed systems
  • Straightforward diagnostic functions facilitate calibration without additional measuring instruments
  • Variant for vaccum
  • Output signal 0/4... 20 mA, 0/1... 5 V or 0/2... 10 V
  • One-button operation for scaling and zero point
  • Advanced diagnostic functions (eg fault memory) over terminal software
  • Compact design

Technical data


Measuring range 0... 2,5 mWS, 0... 5,0 mWS or 0... 10,0 mWS
Output current 0 / 4... 20mA burden max. 400Ω
Voltage output 0 / 1... 5V oder 0 / 2... 10V burden min. 100k
Operation voltage 18...26 V DC or 230 V / 50 Hz (option)
Power consumption approx. 800 mW
Overload max. 2,5x measuring range
Hose connection 8mm outside diameter A) Plug in connector or B) Cutting ring glant
Housing Steel, powder coated
Degree of protection IP 00